Better! Innovation and quality improvement in clinical practice…

This is a copy of the slides I used during the “Better! Innovation and quality improvement in clinical practice” course for OMFS Regional Teaching in Sheffield, 2015.

The pdf of my presentation can be downloaded by clicking the link below:

Publishing Masterclass OMFS 2015


STH Consultant CPD Updates: Neurosurgery

This is the summary of the PowerPoint presentations from this month’s consultant CPD teaching programme.

This month’s session provided an update on neuroanaesthesia in line with the Royal College of Anaesthetists Matrix.

The following topics were covered by local neuroanaesthetists, namely Dr George Eapen, Dr Ajay Raithatha and Dr Matt Wiles. The aim was to give an overview of anaesthesia for emergent neurosurgery in terms of management of cervical spine injury, acute CVA and the trauma craniotomy. Please click the link for a copy of the presentations.

NACCSGBI Level 3 CPD Neuroanaesthetic Update

This is a summary document of all the talks I attended during the Neuroanaesthetic Level 3 CPD Update day organised by NACCSGBI. The full programme of the meeting can be found here.

The pdf of my summary can be downloaded by clicking the link below:

NACCSGBI Summary 2015