SIVA ASM 2017: Neurosurgery

This is the reference list for a talk I gave at the SIVA 2017 ASM. The full programme of the meeting can be found here.

The talk aimed to examine the evidence for TIVA use in neurosurgery.

References for TIVA in Neurosurgery SIVA ASM 2017




Traumatic Brain Injury Management Update

This is a handout designed to supplement a talk I gave at the November STH Consultant Teaching session.

This talk was designed to provide an update for anaesthetists in the management of traumatic brain injury with a particular focus on management within the emergency department.

The pdf of my summary document can be downloaded by clicking the link below:


This summary of an earlier talk may also be of value and it discusses the value of spinal immobilisation in trauma.

NACCS SCI Update 2016

This is a link to a full-text version of my recent editorial in Anaesthesia that discusses permissive hypotension in trauma.

Pop the clot vs. Drain the brain

Challenges in trauma management

These is the slide set for a talk I was invited to give at the 2017 NACCSGBI Teaching Day. The programme can be found here.

The talk aimed to examine the evidence underpinning the NICE trauma guidelines in two contentious areas: cervical spine protection and permissive hypotension.

NACCS Symposium 2017

I have recently published an editorial regarding permissive hypotension in Anaesthesia. The article can be found at the link below (paywall protected unfortunately but open access on 20/11/2017)

Permissive hypotension in trauma resuscitation: pop the clot vs. drain the brain?