This is the supporting blog for the Anaesthetic & Intensive Care Journal Club and Consultant CPD teaching of Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, Sheffield, UK.

The view and opinions expressed within the blog are those of the individual authors and do not reflect the views or opinions of Sheffield Teaching Hospitals.

The inspiration for this site came from a similar (and superior!) project created and maintained by Dr Dan Harvey (@criticalinsight) for intensivists in the East Midlands (http://criticalinsight.wordpress.com/).

The aim of the blog is to support the Journal Club by providing a repository of all the papers that are reviewed by trainees. This will allow those individuals who are unable to attend to read the critiques and contribute by adding their own comments. It will also be of value for trainees preparing for examinations (especially the Final FRCA and FFICM) to ensure that they are familiar with the key, seminal publications in Anaesthesia and ICM.

As the hospital works over a split site, the blog will also allow the Journal Clubs taking place at the NGH campus to add their papers to the formal RHH Journal Club.

The blog will also be used to provide copies of the presentations delivered at the monthly evening CPD Consultant teaching and to allow learning points and reflections gained from external CME events to be shared.

Please utilise the comments feature. Web-based fora such as this become of greater value when used interactively.

NB. You cannot post comments if you are using the archaic Internet Explorer 6 that is currently installed on the majority of STH computers.  There are no such problems if you are using Firefox or Chrome.

The Journal Club can also be followed on Twitter @STHJournalClub

Please tweet or direct meassge me via Twitter (@STHJournalClub) with any comments or suggestions.


One thought on “About

  1. Would you consider uploading the FARCE trial (Anaesthesia volume 72 issue 12 1528-1531
    Performed by 3 STH employed Anaesthetists


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