ESMA WSM 2018: Intra-operative Blood Pressure Targets

This is a copy of the slides I used during a talk I gave at the 2018 EMSA Winter Scientific Meeting.

The talk aimed to review the evidence of the risks of intra-operative hypotension and provide clinicians with population-specific targets.

The supporting pdf of my presentation can be downloaded by clicking the link below. Please note the pdf has in-built hyperlinks to each of the papers referenced. To access, simply click on the slide title to go directly to the paper.

AAGBI WSM 2017 Hypotension

There is also an updated list of references for the 2018 talk which can be found below.

EMSA 2018 References

My editorial on the problems with permissive hypotension can be found at the link below.

Wiles-2017-Anaesthesia Pop the Clot vs Drain the Brain


SIVA ASM 2017: Neurosurgery

This is the reference list for a talk I gave at the SIVA 2017 ASM. The full programme of the meeting can be found here.

The talk aimed to examine the evidence for TIVA use in neurosurgery.

References for TIVA in Neurosurgery SIVA ASM 2017