STH Breakfast Club: WOMAN Study

May 11th, 2017. Steve Glover

A copy of the full presentation is available at the following link (WOMEN trial).


STH Consultant CPD Updates: Transfusion Medicine

This is the summary of the PowerPoint presentations from this month’s consultant CPD teaching programme.

This month’s session provided an update on transfusion practice in line with the Royal College of Anaesthetists Matrix.

This was covered by Dr Phil Dobson and Dr Stelios Michael (Consultant Anaesthetists, Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust). The aim was to give an update on transfusion practice and transfusion triggers. Please click the link for a copy of the presentations.


Debunking Trauma Myths and Pseudoaxioms

This is a copy of the slides I used during the Regional Anaesthetic SpR Teaching on 14/03/2014.

It essentially an extended version of the talk I delivered at the recent Trauma Anniversary Meeting run by the Royal College of Anaesthetists. 

The pdf of my presentation can be downloaded by clicking the link below:

STH Regional Trauma Day Summary

Transfuse or not in #NOF…..

Carson JL, Terrin ML, Noveck H et al. Liberal or restrictive transfusion in high-risk patients after hip surgery. New England Journal of Medicine 2011; 365: 2453-2462.

RHH Journal Club. April 18th, 2013. Dr Amy Thomas

Full-text article (if available)

To compare a liberal with a restrictive blood transfusion policy after surgery for fractured neck of femur in an elderly population with ischaemic heart disease (IHD) or with risk factors for IHD.

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