Blood sugar: how low should we go?

Van den Berghe G, Bouillon R, & Mesotten D. Glucose control in critically ill patients. New England Journal of Medicine 2009; 361: 89

RHH Journal Club. July 11th, 2013. Dr Pavan Battu

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Does normalisation of blood glucose levels with insulin therapy improve the prognosis of critically ill patients?

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Why an appendicectomy now takes 2 hrs…

Pedersen AG, Petersen OB, Wara P, Rønning H, Qvist N & Laurberg S. Randomized clinical trial of laparoscopic versus open appendicectomy. British Journal of Surgery 2001; 88: 200-205.

RHH Journal Club. June 20th, 2013. Dr Sunita Asif

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Is laparoscopic appendicectomy superior to open appendicectomy?

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